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Total Records: 23
Name: kaniska
Date: 21-Feb-2023

How you know: Referred by a friend
Rating: Average
Profession: homemaker
Comment: please refer my request ,seeking admission in class 3rd
Name: Ditm college
Date: 20-Feb-2023

How you know: Through search engines
Rating: Excellent
Profession: Business
Comment: Choose NCR Best Engineering Colleges In India | Delhi Institute of Technology & Management Delhi Institute of Technology & Management ia an NCR Best Engineering Colleges, engineering college is an institution of higher education that offers academic programs and courses in various branches of engineering, such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and computer engineering, among others. These colleges provide students with the necessary theoretical and practical training in various fields of engineering, preparing them for careers in research, development, design, and innovation in different industries. They also offer opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience through projects, internships, and co-op programs. Engineering colleges typically require students to have a strong foundation in mathematics and science, including courses in calculus, physics, and chemistry. In addition, many colleges have specific admission requirements, such as standardized tests, essays, and letters of recommendation. Visit Here:
Name: Yogesh
Date: 19-Feb-2023

How you know: Through search engines
Rating: Excellent
Profession: Self employed
Comment: I want appointment regarding admission in class 1st

Total Records: 23