Head Girl's Message
Head Girl's Message 2022-2023

“The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to change but the leader adjusts the sails.” JOHN MAXWELL

Leadership is a skill hard learned by facing challenges, making mistakes, learning from them, failing but rising again with deeper, stronger passion and determination.

A leader is not born, he/she is made with adequate guidance by those who helip him/her inculcate the essence and gravity of true leadership. The position of head girl is a powerful emobodiment of authority,
responsibility and discipline. It is a matter of paramount honor for me to be the representative of this distinct post in this prestigious institution. I am grateful to our principal Rev. Sr. Leena Dorothy Matera and respected teachers for considering me competent enough for this post.

St. Patrick’s Junior College prepares each one of that child, who walks inside the big red gate, for the world by teaching her plethora of values, giving her strength and confidence as she walks out of the gate after 14 years with profound grace, ambition and individuality. Every moment spent here is memorable and every memory is cherishable.

I believe the life is meant to be lived in the present, rather than dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. Every minute, going by, will never return and it expects you to be the best version of yourself- a strong and positive one in adversity or failure and calm and composed one in fortune or success. Accepting and treating the pain and pleasure alike is the secret of sanity in this dynamic world of audacious extremities.

Never doubt your capabilities and always believe that ‘YOU CAN’.

St. Patrick’s Junior College moulded me in the most incredible ways and it taught me the most intricate life lessons in the easiest of ways. As a regard to this institution and its services, it’s the promise of the entire school council to uphold the values of this institution with utmost dignity and devotion. We will lift the proud banner of our school, of love and make it fly higher.

Thank you.

Yashya Ankit
(Head Girl)

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